The View is Longchen Rabjam


— The View is Longchen Rabjam —

“When the nature of inner awareness has been realized as Longchen Rabjam (“infinite great expanse”), if the awareness is strong, delusion will be exhausted and liberated into its ground. If you need to teach the realization of Longchen Rabjam in one sitting, on the spot, you can do so. If you can do that, that is called the absolute realization.

The view of dzogchen has to be explained through the aspect of what is to be indicated. Omniscient Jigme Lingpa said that when one’s mind is in the right frame, the guru is not outside. For someone whose mind is in the right frame and has merged with the dharma, the master is not outside. However, the gurus who grant abhishekas, transmissions, and key instructions to people like us, whose faces we see and whose voices we hear, these masters that liberate us, are all outer masters, who serve as a means to communicate with the inner guru. These gurus confer abhishekas, transmissions, and key instructions, pointing out the liberating path of omniscience, so we should listen to what they say. If we hear, reflect on, and meditate on the teachings, there will be a time when we actually realize our intrinsic nature, the sugatagarbha.

When we have realized that, the guru who has taught us the dharma will not be outside us anymore, but inside. Where inside? The guru is the nature of our mind. Once we have realized the nature of our mind, it is no longer necessary to search for the guru outside. If the view of the mind is maintained beyond meditation and post meditation, the guru is present beyond meeting and parting.”

~Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Primordial Purity – Oral Instructions on ‘The Three Words That Strike The Vital Point’.
(Translated by Ani Jinba Palmo, Shambhala, 2016).